It's the second straight week already for Gasoline and 5th week for Diesel, cutting down prices as the movement in the world market pulls down the prices and demands in different places.

The big oil companies has already announced that the rollback will take effect on October 29 at exactly 6 o'clock in the morning whilst the smaller companies followed them shortly after the announcement.
No movement on the price of Kerosene. It will attain the same pricing at least until next time the crude oil prices move again.

Good news for motorists specially this coming holidays. Your long drives will soon be more enjoyable as you may compute a bigger budget for your getaways this time.
Pack up your bags and make sure that your cars are all in great running condition because your engines can actually give you a bigger and a better smile when you start filling them up.

You might also consider leaving early for the road works are still on-going, hence, avoiding the terrible traffic on the expressways will always be favorable on your part. Less traffic means shorter travel time and more efficient gasoline consumption, when all these come together you'll, certainly, have a stress-free vacation.