The GF PRO 10 inch Dual DVR Dashcam

When you talk about the latest features on dashcams today, the GF PRO Dashcam has absolutely everything you need!

It's got a 10-inch Touchscreen Dual DVR Dashcam and it can literally fit any car models, yeap!, you heard it right! Even your classic cars will definitely be a perfect match for this piece of technology.

You can view the FRONT & REAR cam on split screen and it also has a reverse parking camera. The G-sensor feature is a MUST in this device and the Auto Loop Recording works really great for it. Note that other dashcams do not have the same component.

The 1080p Full HD video resolution is so legit! There's no doubt about it. Take photos and videos, catch the angles that your eyes won't reach and have a record of it. 

More features:
-Has a motion detector feature that captures the events once it reads the motion in front or in the rear camera. Capturing the event right at that moment.
-With Night Vision feature and the storage capacity can hold up to 128GB Memory.(C10 SD card is suggested)

So there you go, if you can consider the whole package of convenience that this product can deliver, then, this product is just right for you! 

The GF PRO 10-inch Touchscreen Dual DVR Dashcam. Get it here on