Your Personal Information’s Security ensures that all your personal information will be treated confidential and protected by the storage management of our own system. Our security’s accountability and certainty is assured by the procedures done internally. Updates are all real-time to make sure that the avoidance and prevention of information breach is observed all the time.

If by any chance, you believe that your privacy has been breached by, please let us know right away by reaching us through our communication lines. We will put an absolute priority to resolve it immediately.

Take a good hold of your username and password as this will give you access to your account. Create a combination that will give strength to protect it and never share it to anyone. You are aware that if you disclose your password to others, there is a big chance that you will lose control of your own personal information stored at Let us know immediately if your password has been compromised to make some changes on it. You are prompted to log off from your account and close your browser every after use to avoid unwanted access to it.

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